If I need approval, I ask these two.


 Should I have pizza tonight?

Should I stay up till 4 am? 


Should I get a Volvo S60R as my first car?


 Should I move to New York in 2015?

Should I become an NYPD Detective?


Should I ask her out?


Alright, thanks guys! See you later?


How the hell did Jeremy get there without getting his trousers wet?!

We three blokes from BBC 2

One colour gold car, one colour poo

Ooh, brought the wrong car, brought the right

Working heat and working light

West-ward going, gasket may be blowing 

What a piece of shi-

Good news! Top Gear planning on another epic race! 

Apparently, it will be a Car Vs. Not Car (train/boat/plane) race. Hoping for a May/Hammond victory this time around though…

Its so impossible to watch this without laughing! xD

How do I find people who like Top Gear and/or Harry Potter in tumblr? 

I’m here!

I maybe slightly weird, but you can talk to me! :)