All That Sass - A Martin Freeman Musical

Oh how I wish this could be a real thing! 

Yeeaaah, you agree don’t you Martin?



What if Mary’s actually evil…….

But Sherlock will still protect her because of the vow he made? 


I love this exchange in the original ACD story The Adventure of Charles Augustus Milverton.

John’s worried about the girl, but Sherlock’s just excited about the case :) 

Okay. After spending the last 2 hours speculating on “His Last Vow”, I’m pretty sure Sherlock is going to be badly injured somehow trying to protect John and Mary, and maybe everyone thinks he’s dead, but when they’re going to do the post-mortem someone notices his hand move and thats going to be the final shot! 

I feel scared

I don’t know if I can watch the last episode. They’ve made the first two too funny and happy for my liking, which means we’re gonna be in deep trouble for the next one. 

*sigh* I don’t know :/